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Current version: 1.67
File size: 1668.54 Mb
License: Patch

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The Sims 3 Patch - up-to-date patch for The Sims 3
Update your game to get all modifications and new features of the latest version.
Set up your Sims characters just the way you would like them to be and share your creation with the other players online. You have the option to choose whether your Sims will be a docile wife or a bad guy so it depends on you what kind of personality they will possess.

Download The Sims 3 to improve your game's performance and have even a better time with your Sims.

The Sims 3 gives you a number of classy options and possibilities. You can build new characters base, take your Sims for a walk around the city, or throw a big party to cherish life of your individuals. Your Sims may roam unknown streets, discover different sites, or simply go shopping with the other citizens of Simcity. You are sure to encounter breath-taking events and adventures on your way.

The Sims 3 is the game that enables you to build your own world with diverse personalities and colourful buildings. You have a great opportunity to customize the appearances and traits that will be inherent to your characters so you may make them look always sunny or otherwise macabre, kind or evil, calm or passionate. Whether you build a city or your own house, you are given numerous options to choose from. Paint your walls various colours, create your own design style, plant trees, and build a swimming pool at your backyard. 

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long download but worth the wait.


Its a very good game but its a shame the download takes so long for me it took 3 hours im not sure if it is because my computer is not great but still very long.

is it really free


is it really free???

to someone


Yes, it is absolutely free. Enjoy :)

Do cheats work?


Do cheats work in this download? Just wondering.



your took 3 hours? MINE took 30 minutes only hahahaha!GREAT GAME!!!

Is it really free from viruses


Is it really free from viruses??

actual game


is the actual game or the patch for the game

confusing while download


well, i realise that i'm so late to download this game. and i'm very lucky to find this web as a free media to be downloaded. but during the download progress, i'm not sure that will be finished soon cause it takes so long. so, is this a good way to download? does it contain viruses? thanks.

to ks_kudo


This file contains no viruses, this is for sure. What's to the file downloading - it's up to you =) As for me, i like Sims 2 more than Sims 3 for some reasons, it's more interesting if you ask me)




can't wait to play this game!


took time to download it but it's really good

у меня вопрос


это обычный симс или там сверхъестественное?

Great game


This is a really good game and its for FREE!!!



100% za darmo! SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For real????


Like that guy said, is this the Actual game?..


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